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Monthly Retail Sales Inquiry


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Bullet Point About Monthly Retail Sales Inquiry:

The Monthly Retail Sales Inquiry is a monthly survey of enterprises in the Irish retail sector.
The results of the inquiry are used to produce the Retail Sales Index (RSI). The RSI is used to help estimate consumer spending on retail goods and the output of the retail sector, both of which feed into the compilation of the National Accounts. It is also used for various economic indicators that are used to facilitate political decision making at national and European level.

RSI is a Statutory Inquiry conducted under the Statistics (Retail Sales) Order 2016 (S.I. No. 118 of 2016), made under the Statistics Act 1993.

The figures you provide are treated as strictly confidential in accordance with Section 33 of the Statistics Act, 1993. They are used for statistical purposes only.

If you need assistance in completing the form, please call 021 453 5062/5032.

If required to complete the calendar month return, click here.....> RSIeFormCal.htm

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