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Online Forms Facility

Welcome to the CSO Online Forms Facility. This facility enables survey respondents to complete selected CSO survey forms online in a secure environment.


You will need Adobe Reader ( Version 10 or higher is recommended ) to complete survey forms online. This software can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website. For more details on Adobe Reader settings please click here.

Google Chrome users, please click here for further information.

The following forms are available for online completion:

Short Term Inquiries

Annual Surveys

Livestock Slaugherings Annual Services Inquiry
Monthly Industrial Inquiry (MII) Building and Construction Inquiry
Monthly Services Inquiry Business Energy Use
Quarterly Accounts Inquiry to Industry Business Expenditure on Research and Development(BERD) survey 2013/2014
Quarterly Assets Inquiry Census of Industrial Production (CIP)
Quarterly Survey of Construction Survey on e-Commerce and ICT
Waste Generation Survey 2012

This facility will be extended to other survey forms on a phased basis.